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EV charging for Clubs and Charities

Electric Vehicle Charging Points
Our Offer

Numerous charities, community groups and clubs operate from premises up and down the country. Often properties are bequeathed, gifted or leased on concessionary terms. Our offer is to rent car spaces in your car park and install Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

You pay nothing as capital expenditure is paid by Friends Electric, but you do receive regular money. Typically we offer 15-year to 20-year agreements which are inflation proofed by Consumer Price Index linked up lifts of not less than 1% per Annum compound and not more than 3% per Annum compound – easily explained if you are not familiar with this. So, the future income streams will always maintain value.

We calculate the total rental by bay. For example, if there were say 10 bays at £300 per bay that would mean your organisation receive £3000 per year. So that would be an inflation proof £60,000 over the life of the agreement.

As well as contributing toward the fight against global warming, charge points also bring visitors to your site and create a fantastic opportunity to promote your organisation – who knows they may become your friends too!



Will there be enough power?
Maybe, maybe not: but we can always secure the upgrade at our cost.

Can our visitors use them?
Of course, they can – and last year nearly 17% of all new cars were electric and the demise of the combustion engine is a sure thing your visitors are likely to be very grateful for the facility in years to come.

Is this complicated legal stuff?
No – very standard and easy to understand legal documents which we would be pleased to explain but be assured super easy!

Do charging points need planning?
Unlikely but our retained planning advisors JMS Planning audit each opportunity and if consents are required we will secure - that's on us!

So, do we really pay nothing?
Zero , nothing , not a penny!

So how do we get paid?
We transfer money every quarter into your organisation bank account – simple!

So, at the end of the Agreement what happens?
If you want us to stay friends, we sign a new agreement if you want us to part as friends, we will reinstate the car park back to exactly how it was.

Do we donate to charity ?
Yes – this is about us giving back and we have selected children charities.

We support Disability Snowsport UK
Disability Snowsport UK


Let’s get physical let’s get technical...
what does EV charging look like and what does it do?

We know all the charge point operators in the UK and our expertise means we can select the right hardware from the right operator for a perfect fit onto your carpark.


Trusty Commercial EV Chargers

Fast AC Chargers
  • 7.4kW to 22kW charging power.
  • Compact hardware.
  • Charge up to 2 vehicles at once.
  • Pay with the app/charge card.


Quality Charging Points

Rapid/Ultra-Rapid ,Semi-Rapid DC Chargers


Want to talk about the future and know a little more ?
We would love to hear from you so please reach out to :

Matt Shute

Phone / message / WhatsApp
07771 714284


The electric vehicle charging sector has some pushy sales folk involved and that is not us. We are happy to meet, happy to present to committees or entire club membership. We enjoy meeting people so if we can agree something great if not then no problem – we will always be your 'friend electric'!